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Namibia Preface Last Updated: Namibia offers a clean, modern capital city, highly developed infrastructure, striking desert landscapes, abundant wildlife, charming coastal towns, and endless opportunities for recreation and adventure. The Embassy is active and collegial — big enough to handle major visitors and policy challenges and small enough to offer each employee variety and responsibility.

Pleasant housing, good schools, an English-speaking environment, and diverse recreational and social options help ensure that families, as well as employees, enjoy their tours. It is bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the north by Angola, to the south by South Africa, and to the east by Botswana; the Caprivi Strip juts out to the northeast to touch both Zimbabwe and Zambia.

(Mon) Windhoek > Kalahari Desert (D) Depart Windhoek and drive to the Kalahari Desert, via the small town of Rehoboth, a community that still lives according to their paternal laws dating back to

The red sand dunes created by the strong onshore winds are the highest in the world, and due to the location of the shoreline at the point where the Atlantic’s cold water kisses Africa’s hot climate, often causes extremely dense fog to develop. Sounds like the kind of surreal place I need to be! It was a 3am wakeup call for my morning flight from Johannesburg to Windhoek, the Namibian capital city. The charm of the city lies in its harmonious blend of African and European cultures and the friendliness of its people.

Since independence came to the country on March 21, it has been characterized by a vitality born of a sense of freedom and pride in self. These include hotels, banks, post offices, gyms, libraries, museums, car rental companies, health facilities, railway transport, airlines and estate agencies amongst others. A well-constructed and regularly maintained road network from Windhoek provides access to majority of towns, nature reserves, parks, safari lodges and tourist destinations in the country.

Public transport consists mainly of taxis, while a bus service provides transport to and from residential areas. It was a 4-hour drive on a 2-lane highway all the way, and as we ventured closer to the coast Windhoek is in the center of the country , the vegetation changed dramatically. For the majority of the drive it was endless savannah with low-lying Acacia DSCN trees, but then it became desert in all directions — it looked just like I going thru the desert to Las Vegas!

As the bus approached the city, a band of white and grey fog covered the area and the temperature dropped at least 15 degrees.

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The Kalahari Desert is not a desert in the strictest sense of the word, as it receives too much rainfall. Enjoy a scenic, sunset nature drive in an open safari vehicle before dinner. Kalahari Anib Lodge or similar Distance travelled today: The forest was declared a national monument of Namibia and comprises of about specimens of Aloe dichotoma, which the San people used to make quivers.

Analysis – The shuttle speeds past Hilton Hotel but Oiva Willbard’s pensiveness turns into apprehension as he finds himself stuck in traffic around Windhoek High School. “It’s lunch-hour, I am.

By foot[ edit ] Unless you are staying within walking distance of the beach in Camps Bay or some other area where everything you want is close by then you will find it very frustrating not to have your own transport. By car[ edit ] There are numerous car rental companies located at the airport and throughout town. Remember that you drive on the left here which may take some getting used to if you’ve never done it. It may be difficult to come by an automatic transmission at the rental company so reserve your car ahead of time if an automatic is what you prefer.

When you are ready to put fuel in your car, it is required to let one of the petrol station attendants fill it up for you. Uber and Taxify are now ubiquitous, safe and relatively inexpensive around Cape Town. If you are going a longer distance, you can arrange for the same car to pick you up for an extra fee. Cape Town also has a number of luxury and classic car chauffeur companies available that perform various services such as airport transfers, transport to corporate events as well as VIP bodyguards: Metered taxis can be identified by the typical yellow sign on the roof of the car, and by clearly stated information printed on the side of the vehicle stating the fare and the rights of the passengers.

Be sure to take only those metered taxis that are marked in this way, but be aware that quality between different vehicles, even those with the same operator, can vary. Typical prices per kilometer range from R9 to R12 equivalent to R14 to R19 per mile , often with a start or flag fall fee of up to R30 in

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NAPHA distances from rhino hunter Namibia Professional Hunting Association this week distanced itself from a professional hunter who was involved in a hunt during which a rhino cow was shot in the Mangetti National Park a year ago. Professional hunter Peter Thormahlen is no longer a member of the Namibia Professional Hunting Association NAPHA , after he resigned from the organisation in in the wake of a disciplinary investigation, the chief executive officer of Napha, Dietlinde Mueller, said in a statement on Monday.

Since his resignation from Napha, the organisation’s disciplinary committee has received numerous complaints against Thormahlen, but the disciplinary committee cannot take any action against him, Mueller indicated. She added that Napha “deplores the fact that time and again the image of trophy hunting is marred by reckless, irresponsible or immoral actions of a small minority of professional hunters”.

The case was settled out of court last week. The cow was the only female black rhino in the park.

St. Mary’s Cathedral in Windhoek, Namibia. St. Mary’s Cathedral in Windhoek, Namibia Tsodilo Hills has about Rock paintings on an area of roughly some of them dating back years. That is the highest density of such paintings in Southern Africa. Klein Karoo landscape with rainbow, Cape Jou huis is waar jou hart is in die Klein Karoo.

When you look past the immense arid open spaces you will discover Namibia as it unfolds a wealth of geological and cultural history, an unexpected diversity of plants and wildlife, a rough and pristine coastline and an untouched wilderness. It’s a place where you can climb the highest sand dunes in the world. Descend to the floor of the deepest canyon in Africa.

Watch wildlife as they roam on one of the most spectacular pans on earth. And explore the oldest, driest desert in the world. Two of Namibia’s biggest calling cards are the Namib Desert and an almost hostile coastline. But beyond these two, the rough icy waters and the sea of sand, lies a rocky expanse that has been largely unchanged over the years. Rock formations such as Spitzkoppe or the Brandberg and the Fish River Canyon are obvious landmarks, but Namibia is dotted with other features such as underground lakes, strangely shaped rocks, meteorites, petrified forests, flat topped mountains and the Etosha salt pan that is so large that it can easily be seen from space.

But there is more to Namibia than dry open spaces. As a country, Namibia is home to vibrant cities where the population is excited about their future, while remaining deeply connected to their rich, cultural past. It is a country with a stable, democratic government, infrastructure that allows guests to move confidently off the beaten path. It was a war for liberation which was finally won on March 21, when Namibia became an independent state.

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A fourth application for a default judgement – for the payment of a further N9,3 million – was removed from the court roll on Friday, because the court documents giving the couple notice of the bank’s legal action had not been served on the address that they chose for the receipt of such notification. The court documents had been delivered to the Lamecks at an address in Suiderhof in Windhoek, instead of at their Grootfontein district farm Wiesental.

The mortgaged properties are the Grootfontein district farms Wiesental and Kainami, measuring a total area of 7 hectares, three plots of land at Okahandja, with a combined size of almost 21 square metres, and a property in Klein Windhoek that is 1 square metres in size. The couple, who were sued in their personal capacities and also as trustees of the Lameck Family Trust, and Naapopje Trading CC have not opposed any of the four claims for the repayment of money that Bank Windhoek instituted against them in the High Court in October last year.

According to the bank, the couple and Naapopje Trading fell into arrears with the repayment of their loans from June last year.

The Auas Mountains is the highest mountain range in Namibia. Located near Windhoek, the range is 56 kilometers long, and is rich in flora and fauna. Moltkeblick (2, m) is the highest peak in the range, and the second highest in the country. References Tonchi, Victor L., William A. Lindeke, and.

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Supplemental material has been added to increase coverage of minor cities, facts have been updated, and some material has been condensed. Readers are encouraged to visit the Department of State’s web site at http: Namibia offers a clean, modern capital city, highly developed infrastructure, striking desert landscapes, abundant wildlife, charming coastal towns, and endless opportunities for recreation and adventure.

Pleasant housing, good schools, English-speaking environment, and diverse recreational and social options help ensure that everyone in the family enjoys their stay. Windhoek is a small and sometimes sleepy city, but with well-developed infrastructure, services, and amenities. Windhoek came into existence because of its springs.

China Harbour Engineering Company reshaping Walvis Bay port: A Chinese success story in Namibia which at this time is 30km away and separated by snail-paced traffic meandering into Klein Windhoek. This cannot be further from the truth since we have numerous technical reports from geotechnical investigations dating back many decades in.

China Strides Into a New Era of Socialism That moral and historical solidarity underpinned both countries’ decision to extend diplomatic, financial, and material partnerships aimed at benefitting Namibia’s growth, an idea not shared by the young Namibians, who want a piece of the cake. China and Namibia signed a Reciprocal Investment and Protection Agreement in August , paving the way for Chinese firms to enter the local market. It is still disputable how many Chinese nationals are in Namibia, but as of 21 February, according to Home Affairs and Immigration Minister Pendukeni Ivula-Ithana the Namibian government had issued 1, permanent residence permits, close to 5, work permits and 1, temporary residence permits to Chinese nationals.

The China-Namibia relationship is indeed unique and special. Namibia is home to the only space tracking station of China in Africa, playing a vital role in China’s space programs,” notes Dr Elia Kaiyambo, Namibia’s ambassador to China. When our Prime Minister Li Keqiang visited Kenya, he suggested that China collaborate with other African countries and set up railway lines to connect each other’s capitals.

It’s a very beautiful picture. We can work together to realise such a dream,” says outgoing Chinese Ambassador to Namibia, Xin Shunkang. That will only work if the rest of the country and the continent embraces the Chinese in the way the town of Walvis Bay considers the Chinese as family. Besides a nightclub solely dedicated to the Chinese nationals and frequented by most locals, the town has opened up to its visitors and the relationship is symbiotic.

What we have done in such a short space of time, no other company could have achieved,” says Xu. This wind-swept town now boasts an artificial peninsula the size of 40 football fields as part of its vast port expansion, offering a glimpse of southern Africa’s best-kept secret: It’s just that many things you see, many things you don’t,” says Xu, as we inspect the 75, m3 Oil Tank farm, which is part of the oil terminal. The port expansion activities in the Port of Walvis Bay are divided into two projects, both of which are at various stages of implementation.

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