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Climate considerations make it likely that the birds incubated over the winter, mates exchanging duties of incubating and procuring food every few days, and that the young were independent after some 16 months, but not fully mature until aged about a dozen years. Of course, Argentavis suffered hardly any predation, and mortality was mainly from old age, accidents and disease. It is probable that it used thermal currents as well. It has been estimated that the minimal velocity for the wing of A. Although its legs were strong enough to provide it with a running or jumping start, the wings were simply too long to flap effectively until the bird was some height off the ground. It may have flown and lived much like the modern Andean condor , scanning large areas of land from aloft for carrion. The climate of the Andean foothills in Argentina during the late Miocene was warmer and drier than today, which would have further aided the bird in staying aloft atop thermal updrafts. This species seems less aerodynamically suited for predation than its relatives. It probably preferred to scavenge for carrion, and it is possible that it habitually chased metatherian carnivores such as Thylacosmilidae from their kills. Unlike extant condors and vultures, the other species of teratorns generally had long, eagle -like beaks and are believed to have been active predators, being less ponderous than Argentavis.


Greg Prince discovered the Mets when he was 6, during the magical summer of He is a Long Island-based writer, editor and communications consultant. Jason Fry is a Brooklyn writer whose first memories include his mom leaping up and down cheering for Rusty Staub.

The Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes is a difficult book to review. Although I enjoyed reading it, I still feel somewhat in the dark about certain aspects of it. It has an apt title because for days, I was trying to make sense of not only the ending but the whole book.

My husband, on the other hand, would rather do anything else instead of reading! Reading is definitely not something he would choose to do for fun. These dates are perfect for us because we are both such extreme extroverts ourselves. I decided I would like to tone things down a notch, plan a more calm and relaxing date, and take my husband to one of MY favorite places… a bookstore!

Of course, I would have to add some creative touches to make sure he enjoyed the date as much as I would. This post contains affiliate links. Seriously, with these amazing printables designed by Courtney at Paperelli , you can just print and go.

It Seems Rising Star, Idowest Has Parted Ways With Davido’s DMW Company (See Proof)

Here’s what reviewers are saying about HomePod, Apple’s new smart speaker 5 Mins Ago Most like it, but caution that the speaker is mostly for people who already use other Apple products and services. East Coast tsunami warning push alert was just a test: Bitcoin dropping alongside global stock markets, discrediting theory it would be a safe haven 26 Mins Ago During the U.

Buying stocks at the 3 worst times in the past 30 years still proved the best place to invest 23 Mins Ago Buy the dips because history shows that even buying at market tops has proven profitable over time, Bespoke co-founder Paul Hickey says.

31 DATES IN 31 DAYS was awarded “BEST DATING BOOK” in the Readers’ Choice Awards! Get an autographed copy! 31 Dates in 31 Days is also available from these sites in paperback and e-book formats: Barnes and Noble, Powell’s Books, Books-a .

Fleming If you enjoy this website, and would like it to remain open, please make a donation to Kate Tattersall Adventures. In British currency went through a decimalization process pence in a pound simplifying notation, pricing, and spending. This article will provide a breakdown of the old monetary system, concentrating on the Victorian era and the various coins that existed and were used in Britain, and touch on those minted for colonial holdings.

There were changes during the s that will be included. I will not cover every facet of what is a vast subject. A replica penny, halfpenny, and farthing, of the smaller bronze sizes, displayed together for reference. The coins listed below are all depicted at the same size, so please refer to the descriptions for actual diameters. Note that the diameters of the least valuable denominations were minted in smaller sizes when the coins changed from copper to bronze.

Queen Victoria depicted in her Imperial State Crown, mourning crown, and diamond and sapphire tiara. The crowns featured on the coins throughout the Victorian era were St. Victoria withdrew from public life following the death of her husband in The new crown followed the basic design of British crowns with four half-arches, cross pattees, and fleur-de-lis, but no inner velvet cap, and contains 1, diamonds. The tiara appeared lastly, and is thought to be the flexible diamond and sapphire headpiece crafted in as a gift from Prince Albert, which Victoria always referred to as a coronet.

She felt the sapphires were dark enough to match mourning attire.

20 Pocket-Change Date Night Ideas

A lot or a little? The parents’ guide to what’s in this movie. Positive Messages On the one hand, there’s a positive message for young women that they don’t have to accept a relationship the way it is and have the power to set higher standards for themselves and their partners.

If you’ve been dating a few years, the Valentine’s Day hoopla isn’t all that exciting to you as a couple anymore. Even still, it’s a perfectly good excuse to celebrate another year of.

Year in reading lists With the year now officially over, presumably we’ve seen the last of the big year-in-reading-round-ups my mind still has a bit of trouble wrapping itself around the idea: I don’t really understand how best-of-year and year-in-reading lists can be compiled before the year is actually over, but Two of the more interesting and extensive ones — annoyingly presented drip by drip through December — are now available in their entirety: The Millions has its A Year in Reading: At Conversational Reading Scott Esposito shares his own as well as the: I don’t know if it’s a real trend, but it is noteworthy that several specifically limited reading plans have been announced in recent days: I can understand her wanting to seek out: I can understand the temptation of such I’m occasionally tempted to ‘guide’ my own reading too especially at points such as this, when I look back on what I read and reviewed over the year — with a ridiculous

Think Like a Man

Although I enjoyed reading it, I still feel somewhat in the dark about certain aspects of it. It has an apt title because for days, I was trying to make sense of not only the ending but the whole book. I was pleasantly surprised when one of the readers of my blog emailed me just to discuss it.

This is the front page. Welcome to Demon Days ! Demon Days is a series of FUN and FREE events designed to welcome new and returning students to Northwestern State.

I am not wearing this thing. I try to unsnap the collar. I twist the collar around on my neck, bringing the back to the front. I toggle up the light and look at the mirror, trying to decipher the hasp and lock system. I stand as close to the mirror as I can. My stupid eyesight is blurry; the beers are catching up with me. I can see a slot on the collar hasp. A key of some sort will be required to open the damn thing. I have my first souvenir from the House of God.

Actually, thirteen months and one week ago.

The Chris McCandless Obsession Problem

East African lion P. In the southwestern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo , they are considered regionally extinct. This form is a sister clade of P. However, mitochondrial DNA sequences obtained from cave lion fossils from Europe and Alaska were indistinguishable. Underbelly hair is visible.

After you use your Barnes & Noble Mastercard to make a purchase or a balance transfer for the first time, a twenty-five dollar ($25) Barnes & Noble Gift Card will be automatically sent to the mailing address on file for your Barnes & Noble Mastercard. Some exclusions apply. See site for complete details.5/5(1).

Have a dance party in your living room and dance to your favorite songs from high school. Borrow a movie from the library or find a movie on Hulu and make homemade stovetop popcorn while watching the classics. Pack some cheese, crackers, and grapes and your favorite old quilt and have a picnic on the lawn. Sit on the roof and watch the sunset together. Sit on a sidewalk bench and people watch, making up fake names and stories about the people you see.

Play board games and see who is the ultimate Hungry, Hungry Hippos champion. Go on a hike. Bring your camera and take photos together at the tourist spots around town. Visit the museum on free admission night. Go to the book store and look at travel books, and then plan your dream vacation.

The Bookstore Date

The trick to attracting men is to make sure you value all the other areas of your life for example your job, your family, your friends, your hobbies, etc just as highly as you value having a man in your life. Keeping an equal weighting on every area makes you a more interesting person and a better conversationalist. It will make you feel more confident about yourself and more laid back in social situations which is attractive to any man!

When women feel desperate, they do this…!

Download Potassium-Argon and Argon-Argon Dating of Crustal Rocks and the Problem of Excess Argon PDF According to the assumptions foundational to potassium-argon (K-Ar) and argon-argon (Ar-Ar) dating of rocks, there should not be any daughter radiogenic argon (40 Ar *) .

By Erica Swallow On the other hand, some of the top pitfalls for Internet retailers include lousy service, uninventive products, confusing corporate messaging and ineffective advertising. We’ve seen a little bit of everything in As the year wraps up, it’s the perfect time to recount the ecommerce wins and fails of Some strong houses continue to dominate this year, while previously lauded companies fell a bit from grace cough, Netflix.

Let’s take a look at the winners and losers in online commerce for Amazon As the world’s largest online retailer , Amazon has been making great strides for years, and was a fun year to watch the company do its thing. Kindle devices continued to fly off the shelves all year — the company announced last week that it was selling “well over 1 million Kindle devices per week ,” outpacing the launch of the original iPad in early Though it has been met with criticism and a software update to appease frustrated customers , Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet is the retailer’s bestselling item ever, having only launched three months ago.

It’s not just the devices that are making waves in the market.

40 Days of Love Small Group Bible Study by Rick Warren – Session One