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There are times when you don’t want to get bogged down with computers, software and other creative roadblocks, when all you really want to do is record and mix a quick demo for promotional or personal reference. That’s where scaled-down, ultra-portable music production systems like the Zoom R8 make the most impact in your studio or on the road. Recorder With 2-track simultaneous recording and 8-track playback, the R8 is the perfect tool for capturing audio on-the-go. Record live music performances, rehearsals, songwriting sessions or even audio for film and video. You can even mix down completed songs inside the R8 and save a mix for each project. Audio interface When combined with your computer, the R8 becomes a powerful audio interface. If you use the A dedicated control lets you adjust the mixing balance between the DAW playback sound and the direct sound for monitoring.

What do I need to hook my Surface to a regular monitor?

Microsoft makes some bold moves with their new Surface design but it remains to be seen if people will buy it. Instead of attempting to compete with the all-popular iPad from Apple, they’re targeting laptop owners and wannabe in-betweeners. Emblazoned everywhere is their new motto: After spending four weeks with the Surface Pro 3, I think for the most part the answer is a resilient ‘yes’, but it won’t necessarily convince diehard laptop users to switch.

Oct 11,  · Connect Surface to a TV, monitor, or projector. Content provided by Microsoft. Applies to: Surface Devices. you can daisy chain multiple monitors from your Surface Pro, Surface Book, After you have your second monitor or a projector set up to your liking, you might want to have more than one taskbar to make switching between.

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Tethering with the Microsoft Surface Pro 2

My first pilot was to use Surface as the replacement of my laptop. The huge one when I started to look for Visio and Project Pro, and yes both are not part of Office pro which installed on the Surface and are not available on the Store. First things first, what is RemoteApp: RemoteApp programs are programs that are accessed remotely through Terminal Services and appear as if they are running on the end user’s local computer.

Instead of being presented to the user in the desktop of the remote terminal server, the RemoteApp program is integrated with the client’s desktop, running in its own resizable window with its own entry in the taskbar.

Apr 28,  · While one 4k monitor can connect at 60Hz and will work great for gaming, a second 4k monitor will only connect at 30Hz via a direct connection. USB (Surface Book 2, Surface Book and Surface Pro) Plugable UD USB dual [email protected] display dock; Plugable UD USB dual p display dock;.

However there is an option to use the Surface brand docking stations instead. Also they are premium devices with excellent build quality. The older clamp-style Surface Pro 3 dock provides one mini-DisplayPort connection and the Surface tablet provides a second mini-DisplayPort connection. This allows 2 monitors to be connected with no additional devices. The newer brick-shaped Surface Pro 4 dock provides two miniDP connections natively for the easiest multi-monitor experience on both Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4.

If your monitors support DisplayPort MST then you can daisy-chain one monitor to the next so that all the monitors are connected through one DisplayPort cable attached to the dock. Most customers do not have these monitors and it is silly to go buy them just for this feature if you already have working monitors. Some MST hubs from had hardware flaws which blocked using 2 or more monitors. The current models have corrected these issues and support 2 or 3 monitors just fine.

These hubs need additional cables and some require an external power supply so you may have to deal with a mess of cables. Surface Consumer scenario For consumer use, the DisplayLink docks and Surface brand docks work the best, but they can be a little expensive.

Here’s our first look at the Surface Book, Microsoft’s answer to the MacBook Pro

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NDI Studio Monitor will autodetect those devices and can supply controls on the viewport to operate those devices. For this tutorial, we will step through installing and using NDI Studio Monitor on a .

I always liked the idea behind the machine especially since much of the hardware and the operating system came from a single company which reminded me a lot of Apple devices. While not all of the hardware comes from Microsoft, the processor is powered by Intel for instance, my hope was that the device would benefit from this. The main reason why I bought a Surface 4 was that I was going on a trip to Asia in early and needed a new portable device that would allow me to work from there.

So, my main requirements were that the machine was not too heavy, that the screen was good, that I could attach a keyboard to it that would not slow me down, and that battery life would get me through a day without recharging. The Surface Pro 4 that I bought You can select one of the available five default Surface Pro 4 devices on Microsoft’s Store, or a custom option that is not available in all countries. I picked one of the cheaper models, powered by an Intel Core i5 processor i U and 4 Gigabyte of RAM as I had no plans to run taxing applications on the device.

More RAM and storage would have been nice, but since I needed the device only for writing, research, some Netflix watching and light Internet browsing, it was not really something that I needed desperately. What I did though was set it up for the trip which included the following steps: Download and install all updates available for the device. Configure privacy related settings on the device running Windows

Can You Use Surface Pro 3 Docking Station With 4

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Connect Surface Pro 3 to the big screen Surface Pro 3 has a powerful GPU, which allows you drive high-definition screens up to 4K. So you can easily connect the tablet via the mini HDMI port to your TV to play games, show a slideshow, or to use it as a white board using OneNote.

Introduction We have been designing, building, and selling DIY speakers–using full-range drivers–for more than 20 years now. We are one of the largest manufacturers of these types of speakers anywhere in the world. For the first time, it’s possible for you to buy directly from a manufacturer. In this way, you get the most value for your money AND the best sound possible. A lot of work goes into making a true ‘full-range’ speaker, one that approaches 20, cycles in the treble.

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Best Video Formats & Tips for Surface Pro 4/3/2/1

What to look forward to Why you should trust us This guide has its roots in our months of work assessing tablets for our main tablet guides , which gave us insight into both iOS and Android devices. I should also note that most of my portable productivity happens on a really old MacBook Air. Who needs a pro tablet? Drawing with the Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro. Pro tablets generally offer a larger screen and the finer input control of an active stylus designed specifically for use with that device.

Another is that you find the weight and battery life of a traditional laptop to be limiting:

Watching the Surface Pro 3 event yesterday, I wryly smiled as Panos Panay finally revealed Microsoft’s vision for the future of mobile computing: The -in keyboards, friction hinges.

How can you be more productive? Well, this is what this guide filled with tips and tricks is for. The screen will dim for a fraction of a second, like if you were taking a picture, to indicate a screenshot has been taken. The image will save automatically in the Screenshots folder inside the Pictures. To deselect simply perform the same gesture again. This works with one or multiple selections. Select multiple emails on the Mail app You can select multiple emails by simply swiping from right to left each email you want to select, that being to delete, mark as read, or junk.

This work in the Mail app for Windows 8. This will obviously shutdown Windows incorrectly, but by performing the action three times, Windows will automatically boot into the Automatic Repair environment, where to can diagnose and fix the operating system.


I take my SP4 back and forth from office to home and back again every day. That’s why I have two port replicators. At the office I have two 24″ monitors, one newer Samsung and an older one I don’t recall at the moment. Anyway, that setup works perfectly. All is right with the world. BTW, the keyboard cover remains on and closed.

The /5GHz band switch answers a long-standing request, making it possible to tell the Surface Pro 3 to connect at 5GHz only — a necessity for getting decent speeds from an ac router.

Which portable drawing tablet reigns supreme for digital artists? I just received a review unit Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft. My Wacom Cintiq Companion is my most used art device. The Surface Pro 3 is a fantastic piece of hardware. What are the practical realities of using these devices? Why should I get one or the other? A few years ago, no device akin to either of these options was mature enough to even consider for professional work. These two hardware juggernauts slugging it out spur innovation.

But let me ease your mind. Both are good in different, complimentary ways. The Companion is a workhorse.

Microsoft Surface Dock for Surface Pro 4 /Pro 3/Surface Book

Unfortunately, after re-wiring my desk to get it all setup I had a problem. It would just show a blank screen. I reconnected the monitor directly to the Surface Book and it worked perfectly…. If it tells you there are updates to install, install them and reconnect the monitor s to your dock to see if the issue has been resolved. The method will vary depending on the make and model of your monitor but, there should be instructions included with the driver package.

1 Answer (Can I plug in two DVI monitors and get full resolution @ 60 Hz (each at different native resolutions/2x EDID) using a DVI-d splitter? (Macbook Pro)) (Macbook Pro)) With the release of the new Macbook Pro with USB-C ports.

If you prefer to read the whole history, lets start! I was looking for someone that has succesfully open a Surface Pro 3. I find a great idea in a little post. At first it looks easy, but believe me, you must have the right tools and patience, a lot of patience. First I grab an image of the inside of the Surface Pro 3 , then, using Power Point, I print it closer to the real size, the image have a low resolution, but you can see very clear where is the msata SSD.

I check the size versus Surface. And make the marks to cut a “window” to the SSD. From the beginning, I consider 3 things, first, it will be very dificult to make a perfect cut, second, surely the material of the “window” will end in the trash or in a nice key chain , and third, I must consider to make a little square inside the “window” cut, in order to avoid the screw attached to the back of the Surface.

My cut tool was a Dremel, with the stand to make it a drill.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Repair

Theoretically the Surface Pro 3 is the ideal tool with which to use Windows 8. Luckily, the Linux community has no shortage of replacements if all you want is a touch-friendly laptop. With that in mind, we gave Ubuntu The very first thing you need to do if you decide to go this route is grab a system image backup of the Surface Pro 3. The backup image for our tests was nearly 30GB, though the backup image process itself is quite fast. You will also need a separate drive with Windows 8.

Performance is dependent on a lot of factors such as the speed of the host machine, the quality of the network connection, etc. but I was pleasantly surprised by the experience using my m3 Surface Pro 4 to remote in to an i7 Dell XPS and an i5 Surface Pro 3.

Surface Pro 4 Review: Design and Hardware Microsoft got the design right with the previous generation Surface Pro, but the Surface Pro 4 tweaked it just enough to make it an impressive update. Also, the screen grew by. They shrunk the wide bezel. The Pro 4 fits fine. It also means the display gets bigger but the tablet feels the same and actually weighs less.

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 – Three Monitors Dock Docking Station – review and setup