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Wacky and controversial YouTube stars Munah, 25, and Hirzi, 24, have been doing their thang for the last five years: Their street cred is there for all to see: Together, their more than videos have amassed a total of over 11 million views. So how exactly did they become the voice of a new generation? Singapore reporter Nurul Azliah finds out. Things are looking up for YouTube stars Munah and Hirzi. Not satisfied with producing content for their own MHO channel, the pair now have their own television show. So how did it all begin for Munah and Hirzi? Together, they discovered a love for comedy and were itching to document their interest as well as showcase their talents.

Munah and Hirzi: The face of Singapore’s Gen Y?

Happening on 24th January at the Capitol Theatre, the show commemorates fans that have supported them as they celebrate the closing and 10th anniversary of their channel. The show is strung together with a loose narrative based on popular MHO characters — including Leticiacia, Minahs, Aunties, Shah, and the Makciks — coming together to put up a farewell show.

Each MHO character will be helming individual segments until the realisation of their termination, together with the channel. Together, they end off the performance with a big dance medley and a skit of them delivering heartfelt vows that explores the history of their last decade together. Since the launch of the channel in , the duo has gained popularity over the years for showcasing their unconventional, yet unique sense of humour in their various skits and videos.

About. YouTuber who is best known as being one-half of the duo Munah & Hirzi alongside Munah Baharib, and as the co-founder of their accompanying YouTube channel, two began posting videos to their channel in December Born: Jun 24,

The videos on their YouTube channel, MunahHirziOfficial , have garnered over half-a-million views so far and they also have a healthy following on Facebook. I was a little nervous right before barging in on him, but when the time came, I picked up every little piece of courage I had and marched right in. Turns out, his reaction was the opposite of what we thought it would be. He actually enjoyed it! The guerilla nature of their videos poses some interesting questions — how do the people react to these crazy jokers breaking out into spontaneous Hindi-inspired song and dance routines, for instance?

Then there are those who are enthusiastic about participating in the things we ask them to do; this ranges from dancing, screaming or even just standing there to be our victim! So most of the time when we get into our crazy antics, some would judge but many stop to watch and even take photos. How does her boyfriend react to her being a part of such productions? My boyfriend is very calm and very practical and I need that from him.

Above all, I know he loves me for every nyonya I scare, foreign worker I annoy and random person I traumatise. Simply put, he loves me for who I am and he makes me feel complete. What makes a good date? Spontaneity is a lot of fun.

“It’s A Race To See Who Becomes Beyonce” – Munah And Hirzi

Tipping over the line We all need a little bit of entertainment in our dry, dry lives. And that’s when local entertainers play their part, brightening up our unimaginably dull lives as we smile discreetly at our luminous phone screens on the jam pack MRT cabins. Munah and Hirzi are two of the many local Youtubers we have and I’ve watched some of their videos including their song parodies and very daring dares. While I found some of their videos entertaining, I thought quite a few were actually too

Thankfully, many people liked what they did, which led to the pair having their own TV show on Suria (Munah & Hirzi; Action!), collaborations with various brands and a stage production with.

After a decade of shenanigans, comedy duo Munah Bagharib and Hirzi Zulkiflie tell us why they are bidding YouTube goodbye and closing their channel with a final curtain call … literally. The first obvious question is, why? We allowed ourselves time to really create something. You should expect a breakup, or a long pause before a reunion again, so the members can pursue their own things.

One thing fans love about your channel is the social commentary. Was it a conscious decision? When I feel something, I create something. They spoke about her leotard, instead of her achievements. And when the singer Yuna hugged Usher, that made the news. So I wanted to create an anthem for Malay girls, and show powerful Malay girls celebrating each other. You guys are probably one of the first few Singaporean social media stars who dare to do satire on this level.

Was there any self-doubt initially?


2 days ago · Munah and Hirzi Reviews by Locals – The Singaporean YouTube sensation that made headlines when they posted videos of themselves doing silly, outrageous dares on fellow Singaporeans. Recently, they have moved on to making parodies of happenings in Singapore, that not only make us laugh but helps us in reflecting about our role as a citizen.3/5.



They tell it like it is and for that reason, you either love ‘em or hate ‘em. Wacky and controversial YouTube stars Munah, 25, and Hirzi, 24, have been doing their thang for the last five years: shoot-from-the-hip video commentary of social issues that is incisive, brutal and laced with evil humour.



Don’t be surprised if you spot Maimunah Bagharib dancing next to you on the MRT or serenading you on the streets of Orchard Road. The year-old undergrad and freelance actress is one-half of Munah & Hirzi, a wacky duo who’ve gained an online following for their musical spoofs and parodies.