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I will love you forever. She is also the biological mother twin daughters Lizie Saltzman and Josie Saltzman. Prior to her transition into a vampire, she was known for her insecurities, which caused her to be excessively competitive, mainly with Elena. She has always had a strong bond with her childhood friends, Elena Gilbert and Bonnie Bennett. She became best friends with Stefan Salvatore after she became a vampire and he became her mentor. She is also close friends with her ex Matt Donovan whom she has known since childhood, and also with Niklaus Mikaelson. Earlier in the series, Caroline begins dating Elena’s ex-boyfriend, Matt, who encourages her to become more caring, kind, and selfless. In the Season One finale, Caroline was severely injured in a car wreck and suffered from internal bleeding. Later, after Caroline’s health had improved, Caroline was smothered to death in the hospital by Katherine Pierce, who was aware that Damon had healed Caroline, therefore knowingly turned her into a vampire. Katherine planned to use Caroline to her own advantage by manipulating her, threatening those she loved and eventually giving her to Klaus to kill in the sacrifice.

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The two had always wanted a child but adopted a baby girl, Elena , two years prior to that, believing it impossible. As a young teenager, Jeremy was gifted with the talent to draw, however after both of his parents died , Jeremy became severely depressed and started using drugs and drinking continuously. He also started a sexual relationship with Vicki Donovan , although she later broke up with him and started dating Tyler Lockwood. He was also a major alcoholic, which was hard on Elena.

Jeremy had feelings for Vicki though she kept turning him away in favour of Tyler , who had no true feelings for her. Vicki, who had been turned into a vampire by Damon , was staked and killed by Stefan.

The CBB star and Caroline have enjoyed a whirlwind romance and became engaged after dating for just two months. ‘It was pretty instant,’ she told The Sun. ‘I think it was the second day we met!

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In what episode do Tyler and Caroline get together and become a real couple?

My voice changes a little bit, I think, and even just mentally, I feel like I can get away with a lot more. McQueen , who plays Elena’s brother Jeremy Gilbert. Dobrev went back home to Canada, yet, still wanting the part, she submitted a videotape audition, which saw her cast as Elena Gilbert. She had confessed that she enjoys playing Katherine more than Elena. However, in the television series, she is Bulgarian, as is Dobrev, who can speak the language fluently.

Dobrev said, “The writers heard me speaking Bulgarian to my mom on the phone while I was on set one day.

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Edit After being resurrected by Bonnie, Jeremy gained the ability to see ghosts. He is also able to see the ‘invisible’ tattoo on Connor’s arm, which, according to Connor, means Jeremy is a potential vampire hunter now fully a member of The Five. Spiritual Medium – Jeremy has the ability to see and communicate with dead supernatural spirits, though he cannot physically feel their presence without help.

At first, this ability was random but he later learned to control it. Only a potential hunter can see the symbol. Hunter’s Curse – When a hunter who is part of The Five is killed by a vampire, the vampire will be struck by horrifying hallucinations that will cause the vampire in question to kill them self. The only way to undo it is for whichever potential that was awakened by the death of the hunter in questioned kills a vampiric creature whether a vampire or a hybrid.

Jeremy’s curse was inflicted upon Silas, who may or may not have beaten it. While not comparable to a Vampire, he’s been able to put up a serious fight, and has equal or greater strength to Silas. Despite being weaker he was able to overpower the Pizza Deliver Girl with the element of surprise. Enhanced Reflexes – As member of The Five, Jeremy has enhanced reflexes that gives them great agility, enough to take vampires by surprise though not fast enough to contend with The Originals.

Compulsion Resistant – As a member of the Brotherhood of the Five, Jeremy can not be affected by Silas’ mind control or vampire compulsion. As well as this, the Travelers cannot plant a passenger in him due to his immunity to mind control. Enhanced Speed – As with the other members of the Five, Jeremy’s speed is enhanced that he is able to take a vampire by surprise if he has the element of surprise.

Jeremy Gilbert

The resort does offer baby sitting services for those who may need them. We bonded over how weird and strange our TA Jake, which wasn’t his real name, was. There was no going back. We have been super close since. I do not know how I would have gotten through the last 5 years without her.

Stephanie was still technically dating Sam during one particularly raucous night in the Celebrity Big Brother house when Jeremy snogged Tiffany Pollard in a game of truth or dare.

McQueen was introduced as Elena Gilberts Nina Dobrev kid brother, at the beginning he was 14 years old and a stoner who had had sex with an 18 year old girl named Vicki Donovan Kayla Ewell. Then Stefan killed her. Jeremy was really heart broken about it: Sadly, she died as well. Because of the town Council. At the end of Season 1, Jeremy drinks Anna’s blood and takes a lot of sleeping pills to turn himself into a vampire.

At the end of Season 2, Jeremy starts seeing ghosts after being brought back from the dead. He sees Anna and Vicki. At this time Jeremy is dating Bonnie Katerina Graham.

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In her tell all autobiography, tv presenter Caroline Flack spills the beans about the two Harrys in her life – the Royal Prince and Mr Styles. The year-old television personality isn’t afraid to dish the details of her romantic life. In , when she was 31 she struck up a romance with then year-old heartthrob Harry Styles. A Twitter pic that confirmed Styles and Flack were together “I already knew that he had a crush on me, he’s made it pretty obvious as he’s said it in magazines and said it to friends,” she told the Sun on Sunday.

At first, she thought nothing of the age gap, as no one in the entertainment industry refers to each other’s ages.

ITV. BRIDE-TO-BE: Caroline, 38, is all loved-up like many of the contestants on her show end up. The sexy presenter and bride-to-be teased that her big day should have all the ingredients of her hit ITV2 reality dating show, which is back on our screens tonight.

From season seven, she becomes one of two female leads. She is good friends with Caroline Forbes. In the beginning of the series, Bonnie discovers that she is a witch born from a line of witches. Her grandmother, Sheila Bennett, helps her learn to use her powers. When her grandmother dies, Bonnie continues training and becomes more and more powerful. In the midst of season two, she starts a relationship with Jeremy Gilbert, Elena’s younger brother.


This article needs your help! You can edit it! The two had always wanted a child but adopted a baby girl, Elena , two years prior to that, who actually is his biological cousin as they fake the adoption.

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Status Distant Friends, Exes; Separated Jeremy is back in Mystic Falls, but Bonnie broke up with him via voicemail years ago and is now traveling the world. It’s a really long story but I’m back. Uh, I had this whole plan to drive out to New Mexico and surprise you I don’t know, show up as one of the models in your drawing class or something. Listen Jer, I’m not sure I’m still the same Bonnie you want to be with.

That place changed me and I don’t know if I’m scared of myself or if I actually kinda like the new me. If it’s okay with you, I think I’m just gonna figure me out and then I promise to come visit you. I hope you’re well. Jeremy and Bonnie grew up together in Mystic Falls. Jeremy’s sister, Elena is Bonnie’s best friends.


Caroline Pope , 19, has taken to her Twitter to vent about the cheating rumours saying “nothing happened” between the pair. The brunette teen slammed the lies that she had slept with the tattooed model – who had professed his love for Stephanie Davis in the CBB house – over the space of two tweets: Gonna enjoy my birthday, so do one [sic]. The lovebirds looked happy to be reunited on the Friday And couldn’t keep their hands off each other Several of Caroline’s friends appeared to comment on the image with one saying: I didn’t see them kiss or anything, but they were being flirty.

At this time Jeremy is dating Bonnie (Katerina Graham). But that all goes to hell when he kisses Anna, after she becomes coporeal in ‘Ghost World.’ Somewhere in Season 3, Jeremy leaves to go to Denver.

Serena was literally dating the Gossip Girl! We even through in a few reality shows, just to show that bad relationships are not reserved for fiction. His creepiness goes far beyond that into literally wanting to murder her children kind of territory, but those cargo shorts should have been the first clue, girl! Grundy and Archie, Riverdale All student-teacher relationships are creepy on one level, but while Archie just believed his music teacher loved him the same way he loved her, it was later revealed that she had stolen her identity and was a woman who preyed on teen boys.

Riverdale is a screwed up place! A match made in heaven! Belle deserved so much better than a guy who used her the way that he did, and the Stockholm syndrome that goes along with any retelling of Beauty and the Beast cannot be ignored! Hall dating in real life was enough. Debra falling in love with her adopted brother Dexter and remaining in love with him despite knowing he was a serial killer was way too much for us. Actually, every single relationship Dexter was in was super creepy, because either they had no idea he was a serial killer, or they totally did and still hooked up with him.

Tate and Violet, American Horror Story There have been many creepy dalliances in this franchise, but none quite as lasting as Tate and Violet.

Caroline & Jeremy

This page outlines certain relationships with the characters in The Vampire Diaries television series. The relationships aren’t always about lovers, but also about friendship, family, sibling rivalry, or even between arch-enemies. After their parents died, Jeremy started doing drugs and failing his grades.

Elena tried to stop him and even keep him away from Vicki Donovan after she became a vampire. After Vicki’s death, Damon erased Jeremy’s memory and compelled him to believe that Vicki had just left forever at Elena’s request. Even after they found out that they are not biological siblings they continued to treat each other as such.

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Prior to becoming a vampire she was known for her insecrurities, which caused her to be excessively competitive, mainly with Elena. She is best friends with Stefan Salvatore and Elena Gilbert. She was best friends with Bonnie Bennett until Bonnie died. She is also close friends with Klaus. Throughout the series, Caroline begins dating Elena’s ex-boyfriend, Matt Donovan, who encourages her to become more caring, kind and selfless.

During the season one finale, Caroline is severely injured in a car crash and suffers from internal bleeding. In season 2 because of Caroline’s situation, Bonnie and Elena agree that Damon Salvatore should heal Caroline by feeding her his blood. Later, Caroline is smothered to death in the hospital by Katherine Pierce, turning her into a vampire. Caroline’s new vampire nature adds difficulty to her relationship with Matt and this eventually causes them to break up despite their love for each other.

Matt’s friend, Tyler Lockwood, falls for Caroline after she helps him with his first full moon transition. After a while, she realizes that she is in love with Tyler, so they begin a romantic relationsipt. Klaus also falls for her, claiming that he fancies her.

Caroline Pierce-Great ASS!

Jeremy is often called “Jer” by his family and friends. Jeremy’s birthday is October Jeremy’s astrological sign is Libra. Vicki was his first love interest on The Vampire Diaries. He was the only original main character to exist on the show who does not exist in the books. They both appear to him as ghosts at the end of season two.

I am rewatching the whole series I’m pretty sure it is either the en of season 2 or the beginning of season 3 because I know tyler kisses her and I think she is dating Matt and she goes gosh everybody just needs to stop kissing me!

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Tyler and Caroline KISS (3×01 – The Birthday, Part 2/4)