Ludwig Drums

No – Rack toms are attached with post style arms. The Price – This is the lowest price name-brand drum set we’ve reviewed. Even adding a crash cymbal and boom cymbal stand keeps the price below other sets in this category. Select veneers such as, luan, basswood and poplar are used to keep costs down but sound quality high. These woods tend to accentuate the low- and mid-range frequencies. Ludwig Hardware – This kit comes with durable and sturdy Ludwig hardware. The stands are double braced for stability but lightweight for ease of transport. Post Style Tom Mount System – Rack toms the toms attached to the bass drum are mounted using posts attached to the bass drum and extending through the tom shells. The holes drilled into the drum shells to mount the toms on the bass drum result in less resonant toms.

Ludwig Drums

The Ludwig Legacy Mahogany series is a return of the shell that was the core of Ludwig drums for over 50 years. Its high sensitivity, wide dynamic tuning range, and sharp attack make it the ideal choice for live performance. It is available in 3 configurations. Shell […] Vistalite Series High-volume live performance where projection over loud instruments is paramount. Notorious for their attack as they are for their stunning crystalline looks, Vistalite acrylic drums make a solid sonic and visual statement in live concert performance.

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Search our web sites! Photo courtesy Harold Lee Yen. The image shows the earliest of Ludwig Snare drums and the badge above. Not sure where I got this badge! F Ludwig President around vent hole. F Ludwig President ‘s Aluminum badge from the 40’s. Courtesy of Alan Paper tag on a set of bongo drums Same badge as below, but it was installed on a drum with an aluminum grommet.

WFL aluminum with sticky back drum badge. I would consider this the hardest to find badge since it was a peel and stick transition badge.

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Well, by way of introduction to an exciting find, I’ll summarize my reaction to a Pearl-made s Japanese drum kit carrying the brand name Coronet.. There were, perhaps, such stencil brands emanating from the Pearl and Hoshino (later Tama) factories in the sixties.

For more information on drums made during World War Two, please visit: Below are some images from the first post-war catalog: Being that both lines were manufactured by the same company, this is not surprising. The old classic Imperial lug was relegated to lower line drums like the Reliance model snare drum. These Knob Tension drums employed a unique tensioning system in which the need for tension casings lugs was eliminated. By turning a series of knobs mounted on the shell, internal mechanical parts exerted pressure on the drum heads from within.

While this design may have been a great concept, in actual practice it was less than spectacular. The overly complicated design proved to be fragile and many of the parts would fail. After 24 years in the drum manufacturing business, G.

Dating Ludwig Drums By Hardware

The evolution of Ludwig hardware is a detailed and multi-faceted story. For this reason and the aforementioned trend of updating vintage drums, hardware will not be covered in this guide. Date Stamp Date stamps are simultaneously the best and worst means to properly date a Ludwig drum from the ’60s use of the date stamp was discontinued ca. A drum was stamped when the shell was finished, providing the most accurate depiction of the age of wood due to the fact final assembly came later.

The difficulty in date stamps is, more often than not, that the stamp has been rendered illegible or removed completely due to the wear and tear of the years.

The Rogers Book [Rob Cook] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Book). In this book, author Rob Cook gives the complete history of the Rogers Drum Company, whose drums.

Contact Us There is a certain passion and joy that goes into documenting, or identifying a vintage drum, especially one manufactured by Ludwig. It tells a story, not only in what it is, but where it’s been; the roads traveled, its relevance to drum manufacturing, and its influence on music. Dating Ludwig Drum products can be rather easy or quite tedious. In reality, the early days of drum manufacturing held no regard for dating or serializing a product for chronological relevance.

A future significance in chronologically cataloging a product produced by Ludwig wasn’t foreseen. Luckily, there have been devotees that have developed a refined system to dating and cataloging drums produced by Ludwig. It is heavily concentrated on factors that were included on all cataloged trap kits, and wood drums of this era. There are several ways to date Ludwig drums from all production periods.

The most accurate way to dating a drum is to see it as a whole, and assess every aspect of the drum. Indicating factors include not limited to:

Ludwig Hardware

These were pieces of fabric or paper, mostly crumpled and crushed, that Christo folded and covered with several thin layers of dark brown lacquer. Discontinuities and disruptions of the surface exposing the material beneath still testify to the vehemence of the production process. What he found fascinating in the work of his contemporaries was the often aggressive integration of substances alien to art. All the works of art that aroused his interest had one thing in common: The many thick layers of dark brown paint almost give the works the character of objects.

The Rogers Book [Rob Cook] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Book). In this book, author Rob Cook gives the complete history of the Rogers Drum Company, whose drums.

Learn more by clicking the link below. Sorry that I have to say this, but too many people have not been able to figure it out on their own. Please do not just email me a serial number and demand that I tell you how old it is. First of all, that is rude. Second, as fully discussed in the dating guide, there is much more to it than that. Third, it takes time to answer each request.

The dating guide was written to provide tools to assist the drum owner to figure it out for themselves. If you just want an answer in order to sell the drum on eBay or Craigslist, I suggest that you just provide pictures of the drums, paper labels, badges and other information in your listing and let your buyer determine how old it is. Let the drum speak for itself. Please do not then take this estimate and put in your eBay listing that you drum has been “evaluated by Gretsch expert Richard Gier” and he determined the exact moment your drum was made.

They both are actively supported by great people who are happy to share what they know. Spend some time searching their old posts – you will probably get your questions answered with a little work on your part.

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Christo created a series of relief-like surface textures starting in with his works entitled Surfaces d’ were pieces of fabric or paper, mostly crumpled and crushed, that Christo folded and covered with several thin layers of dark brown lacquer.

The purpose of this guide is to help identify the various types, models, and features of vintage drums during the years to This article applies mainly to the three major U. Vintage drum finishes will also be discussed. Drum companies were notorious for using older parts on newer drum shells, out of date catalog photos, making the job of the modern day drum historian quite a challenge.

I apologize in advance for any mistakes or inaccuracies or misinformation that may appear here. If you see something that is incorrect, please let me know. I have been collecting, playing, studying, and living with vintage drums for over thirty years and during that time, I have seen quite a few interesting and rare instruments. Over the years, I have read every book or magazine article I could get my hands on that concerned old drums. I have spent countless hours perusing old drum catalogs and literature, as well as repairing and restoring hundreds of vintage drums.

Ludwig Hardware

Some were…brace yourself…pro, seamless Phenolic! Some of the shells, oh yeah, were gorgeous! Some of them are not what you think. You were given fair warning. I described my experience acquiring such a drum kit in these pages.

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Dating ludwig drums by hardware Shell construction From to , both red and black inks were used with black as the. Drum shells were formed and then stored in stock until pulled for final assembly. Drum pedal, lineup, bass drum, double bass, drums, products, percussion, twin, hardware. Successor to his father, william the ii was determined to keep ludwig a prominent figure in the music industry. What you might not know if you are new to vintage drums is that manufactureres did not keep accurate records and inventory control was not part of the daily operations of drum making.

From the inception of date-stamping in through , At that point, ludwig introduced the granitone finish, a gritty grey coating used to. Musical instruments Ludwig vistalite big beat set consisting of: Armed with this information, you now have the tools at hand to begin identifying and dating the ludwigs of yesteryear. This site will be unavailable from 4: They were successful in redefining drums by presenting products unfathomed by any existing drum company. Of this item available. Armed with this information, you now have the tools at hand to begin identifying and dating the ludwigs.

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Ludwig Drums @ 2013 Chicago Show