Lux thermostat troubleshooting

Why is it such a mystery with these terminal designations? Once you get into seeing how this works it all becomes common sense. This is as long as whoever wired the thermostat originally followed the common sense code of designations. A good example of this is I have opened thermostats and seen black used on the R terminal. Green used on the W terminal and red used on the Y terminal. Once you see the thermostat wire and the colors of thermostat wire that are available you will understand. And that is giving them the benefit of the doubt. Now, on to the designations.

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Dec 2, , I supplied you with the install manual for the thermostat and asked you to read it pointing out that page 3 had your information you were looking for. I cannot explain better than the install manual I gave you your answer by giving you the install instructions. I have no idea why you would be complaining about me reading your post since I complied with your wishes.

If you are such a sorry type person that is to lazy to read the manual provided I cannot help that. But I cannot offer any better information than the actual instructions.

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A lot of campers come with an old fashioned analog thermostat like the one pictured here. The problem with them is the temperature range before they cycle on or off. Features we all like to have Like many others before us, we decided to swap out our analog thermostat for a nice digital one. Many digital thermostats that will run on batteries will work as a suitable replacement. We decided on a simple, inexpensive model That model is obsolete, but this Honeywell model will work just as well.

First we have to remove the old thermostat. For safety reasons, make sure everything is turned off and you are not connected to shore power.

Install the Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat in a snap

Someone with more control knowledge might help you if you want it all on one thermostat and it will have to be the correct model for doing that. The boiler is set at 74 and the gas is set at 70 or something. If the wiring and control is totaly escaping you you might want to invest in a furnace man for a few hours but you need to be able to tell him exactly what you want done which is simply switch the fan on high speed and off with a thermostat for the boiler heat and the gas furance and control gets left alone.

Now I dont want to add to your confusion at this point but the one and only potential problem with this type of control is that if you let the fire go out on the boiler the fan is going to run continuously as the thermostat is going to be calling for heat that cant be delivered, Got it? The gas furnace will still cycle its burner to maintain the heat setting of that thermostat but the boiler ‘stat is going to keep the fan running all the time.

Thermostat White Rodgers Comfort-Set 1F Installation And Operating Instructions Manual 90 series premium thermostat/humidifier control digital 7 day programmable (52 pages) Thermostat White Rodgers 1E56N Installation Instructions Manual.

If button snaps back out, the temperature of the water is higher than the cut out setting of the limit switch. Allow water temperature to drop. Place test probes on terminals 1L and 3L see diagram of the high limit portion of the thermostat. The meter reading should be the input voltage of the heater see rating plate of the water heater. If not correct voltage, check for loose connections and blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker.

The meter reading should be the same as the input voltage of the heater. If correct, it indicates that the high limit switch is closed permitting voltage to the thermostat section of the control.

Gas & Electric Furnace Troubleshooting Simplified

We changed the thermostat today and switched it off but the heater is still on. We cannot find a reason why and we have verified the wiring and all is correct. Is it possible that something else may not be working? Maybe the transformer or some kind of regulator? First disconnect the thermostat wires right at the heater itself, at it’s control. That’s the same as turning down the thermostat.

I’ll admit, replacing a thermostat — with all the wires and the breakers and the electric doo-hickeys — kind of intimidated a DIY-noob like myself. I didn’t want to make some wrong connection on the new thermostat and blow up my furnace.

Recommended For You 3 With the damaged Honeywell thermostat faceplate removed I began by documenting where there original wires were connected, this is very useful later! Add a comment 4 I then removed the thermostat from the wall. Dang, I have a few holes I don’t feel like patching and painting, guess this means I’ll be using the included trim plate which is optional to install. Add a comment 5 The Nest came with a handy, tiny screwdriver to remove these wires.

You can label the wires with stickers included with your Nest but since I just have 2 wires I decided they were easy to remember. Add a comment 6 The Nest comes with a base top in pic and an optional trim plate bottom in pic. The trim plate is useful to cover up holes or marks left by your old thermostat. Add a comment 7 If you use the trim plate, place the base on top of the trim plate so that they snap together. Add a comment 8 Place the trim plate and base on the wall and thread the wires through the center of them.

Add a comment 9 Refer to the wiring from your original thermostat and reconnect the wires to the Nest just as they were on the thermostat you removed. Add a comment 10 With the wires re-connected use the built in level to make sure the faceplate is aligned on the wall. Then screw it into place. Make sure to push the wires into the center hole as much as possible.

How to Install a New Thermostat

We would love to have your business! Below we have a YouTube video on gas furnace troubleshooting made by hvacrepairguy. I hope this video will help you solve your furnace problems. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at: We hope you have a blessed day! One of the most common furnace problems that I see is when the furnace hot surface ignitor will not glow.

White Rodgers thermostat troubleshooting; Air Conditioner. Wait 24 hours after hook-up for ice production. See the “Setting the Control(s)” section. It is normal for moisture to build up inside the refrigerator when the room air is humid. Is the food packaged correctly? Check .

Diameters range from 4 inches up to 12 inches. There are a number of companies that make a line of these fans. One source is stores that sell plant growing supplies, also available on ebay. Sunon Fans This is a pretty good page to start on for small to moderate size fans for collectors with low to moderate pressure drops. The page offers good data including fan curves and noise levels on several lines of fans.

Backdraft Dampers Backdraft dampers prevent the flow of cold air from the solar air heating collector into the house when the sun is not shining on the collector. Good instructions for building a poly film type backdraft damper for a rectangular duct or vent.


Two speed compressor Originally posted by mrcoolz4u Generally when a two speed motor starts up, both winding are energized then falls back to the selected winding speed. Actually, only the windings for the desired speed are energized. If you were to apply power to more than one of the speed taps in the motor, it would burn out the motor windings. At start up both winding are energized then the start winding is taken out of the circuit leaving the run winding in the circuit.

I don’t know of any compressors that drop the start winding out after startup. If it has a start kit, it will drop the start capacitor out, but the start winding will still be energized and have a run capacitor.

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R — The R terminal is the power for the thermostat. This comes from the transformer usually located in the air handler for split systems but you may find the transformer in the condensing unit. For this reason, it is a good idea to kill the power at the condenser and the air handler before changing or working on the wiring at the thermostat. If you have a package unit then the transformer is in the package unit. Red for the R terminal. RC — The RC terminal is designated for the power for cooling.

Some HVAC systems use two transformers. A transformer for cooling and a transformer for heating. In this case the power from the transformer in the air conditioning system would go to the thermostat terminal.

Mobile Home Thermostat Upgrade: Original Intertherm to White Rodgers 1F86-344