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We are glad you are enjoying Advertising Age. To get uninterrupted access and additional benefits, become a member today. Log in or go back to the homepage. Published on November 29, Laura Schlessinger is the latest radio personality to transition from terrestrial radio to satellite. The host of “Dr. Laura” announced today she would move her daily call-in chat show from syndication to Sirius XM Radio, where it will broadcast five days a week from 2 p. Her syndicated show will continue until Dec.

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New York-born Howard Stern is one of the eminent figures in the entertainment industry. He is the influential person in the world of radio hosting. Similarly, Howard Stren is also a television personality, producer, and an author.

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Now, they are tied together in more ways than one, but how will that affect their future lives at Hogwarts? Another typical soul-bond fic, because I just can’t get enough of them. And as I now realise, the characters are acting OOC. Rating may increase with later content. Harry Potter – Rated: After Harry has a visit from his parents, and he finds out that things aren’t as they seem. He, Ginny, and Hermione set out to save Sirius, and change fate. Rated T for now, M for later in the story.

Firmly Harry x Ginny. When Harry’s parents are murdered on that fateful Halloween night, Sirius makes the decision to take young Harry away from Great Britain. What happened to Harry since he vanished? And why does he look like a badass warrior? Harry Potter and Snuffles Abroad by Ginny-Potter reviews What would happen if Harry found out that Ginny was being banished to France to Beaubatons, what if he had met Sirius before the end of his third year, what would happen if he decided to leave England and Hogwarts no longer feeling safe, what if Dumbledore was stealing from him?

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I have enjoyed satellite radio for the last three and a half years. You bet Top 40 radio is unlistenable! Who wants to listen to advertisements for music sandwiched between advertisements for products when there are so many other options? Pandora, iTunes, Spotify, Grooveshark, Turntable. Sirius XM has a market monopoly on delivering music via satellite.

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The first two alternatives involved using scientific technology and world negotiations with leaders to stop those disasters, but the experts believed that would be hopeless; as well as going underground on Earth which was also considered a bad idea. Alternative 3 was to develop a top secret insiders space program with Majority MJ as a secret interplanetary state department in the Pentagon, and secretly build underground spaceports to live in on Mars and the Moon and surface domed manufacturing, mining, communications, and other centers.

The Zetans showed the Pentagon scientists how to Construct nuclear and mercury powered saucers, as well as space shuttles, rockets, and other N. Not a bad reason for a big secret. S, made it to the Moon and Mars. In May , a secret spacecraft from the Pentagon landed on Mars and video-taped it , and I have seen the actual video. It shows a Martian landscape far different than what N.

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A Guide to the Night Sky Sirius: It lies at a distance of 8. Sirius is not the brightest star because it is more luminous than other visible stars, but because it is located so close to the solar system. It is the fifth closest star system to Earth and contains two of the eight nearest stars to Earth.

The world’s oldest temple, Göbekli Tepe in southern Turkey, may have been built as a massive cosmic observatory, and the builders may have worshiped the dog star, Sirius. The megalithic enclosures of Gobekli Tepe (Urfa, Turkey) are the most ancient sacred structures of stone known so far, dating back to the 10 millennium BC. The.

An understanding of the fate of nitrate in groundwater is vital for managing risks associated with nitrate pollution, and to safeguard groundwater supplies and groundwater-dependent surface waters. Denitrification is focused upon as the dominant nitrate attenuation process in groundwater. As denitrifying bacteria are essentially ubiquitous in the subsurface, the critical limiting factors are oxygen and electron donor concentration and availability.

Variability in other environmental conditions such as nitrate concentration, nutrient availability, pH, temperature, presence of toxins and microbial acclimation appears to be less important, exerting only secondary influences on denitrification rates. Other nitrate depletion mechanisms such as dissimilatory nitrate reduction to ammonium and assimilation of nitrate into microbial biomass are unlikely to be important in most subsurface settings relative to denitrification.

Further research is recommended to improve current understanding on the influence of organic carbon, sulphur and iron electron donors, physical restrictions on microbial activity in dual porosity aquifers, influences of environmental condition e. Previous article in issue.

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The megalithic enclosures of Gobekli Tepe Urfa, Turkey are the most ancient sacred structures of stone known so far, dating back to the 10 millennium BC. The possible presence of astronomical targets for these structures is analyzed, and it turns out that they may have been oriented, or even originally constructed, to celebrate and successively follow the appearance of a new, extremely brilliant star in the southern skies: Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major , is the brightest star in the sky and has been worshiped by numerous ancient civilizations throughout history.

The star was so important that the ancient Egyptians for example, based their calendars on this star coinciding with the flooding of the Nile. It is also from this relationship that we have the so-called dog days. The dog days or dog days of summer are the hot, sultry days of summer. They were historically the period following the heliacal rising of the star Sirius, which Greek and Roman astrology connected with heat, drought, sudden thunderstorms, lethargy, fever, mad dogs, and bad luck.

But numerous ancient civilizations thought this star was of great importance. In the center of these constructions are two parallel megaliths, which have aroused the interest of scholars, who are trying to fully understand what the curious placement of the pillars means.

Was Göbekli Tepe Erected As A Cosmic Observatory Where Sirius Was Worshiped?

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The company continued to charge my credit card without my authorization for a service I cancelled. I agreed to do that with the knowledge that the deal would end in October and if I wanted to end the program I should call to discontinue the service or it would renew automatically at regualr prices. They have record of that. They tried to sell me on staying with them. I said I was retired and couldn’t afford the regualr prices they would charge. They stated other deal prices they could offer but they were also too high for me.

They said they couldn’t authorized that and I needed to speak to a [redacted] for such a proposal. They then transferred me to a supervisor. I then said that I wanted the service cancelled as per my initial call. He said he was sorry to see me go. We hung up with the understanding my service was cancelled. The service to both vehicles continued the entire year. I found that Sirius Radio had charged me the following: I received no call.

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