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By Sam Petulla March 7th, After the rapid rise of BuzzFeed and Upworthy over the past year—and the backlash that followed —engagement has become the talk of the town. The theory goes like this: The goal of each piece of your content is to get people to return, so that you can build a loyal audience. So how do you get people to spend engaged time with your content? One example is that we withdraw our fingers from fire before we realize what happened. Another one is to drive a car on an empty highway. Big, beautiful photos are such a crucial part of modern content strategies because they supercharge fast thinking.

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Interview with Lolo June 23, It was the first time I saw a Black disabled woman talk about dating in such a way that resonated with my own experiences. The thoughts and concerns Lolo portrayed are ones that were too realistic — I could not stop laughing at the truth gems dropped in the video. I reached out to Lolo because I had to know who she was, and I am grateful that she afforded me the pleasure of interviewing her for the blog.

Tweet with a location. You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party t Status: Verified.

Gradle, Android Studio Common Libraries: Exoplayer 2 Source Control: Robolectric, Mockito, Espresso Continuous Building: At BuzzFeed, we believe our work benefits from the diverse perspectives of our employees. As such, BuzzFeed celebrates inclusion and is committed to equal opportunity employment. As a BuzzFeed employee, you can expect a supportive, inclusive atmosphere on a team that values your contributions.

You must be legally eligible to work in the US. You must be graduating in December or later. You must be onsite June 3rd – August 23rd You’ll be paid fairly, inline with tech industry standards. Software Engineering Manager, Core Infrastructure BuzzFeed is looking for an Engineering Manager to help build and grow the Infrastructure teams who oversee the platform that powers our products. This is a huge opportunity to help shape the way we deploy, and operate production quality systems.

BuzzFeed Tech cares about the engineering experience by empowering through tooling and automation. We share knowledge and improve our systems through architecture reviews, post-incident retrospectives, and documentation of best practices.

Grindr is reportedly sharing users’ HIV status with third parties

Premise[ edit ] Promotional artwork for “Crush”, the series’ pilot, featuring counter-clockwise from upper left Shego in green Ron , Kim , Rufus , and Dr. Drakken upper-right, in blue Kim Possible takes place primarily within the fictional United States town of Middleton, and focuses on the life and adventures of teenager Kim Possible. She is an accomplished high school student and cheerleader who fights crime on a regular basis, assisted by her best friend and sidekick, Ron Stoppable , and Rufus , his pet naked mole rat.

Drakken , a mad scientist constantly plotting world domination , and his superpowered sidekick Shego , who possesses the ability to generate powerful energy blasts and emit them from her hands, making her the heroine’s most dangerous opponent. Fully aware of their daughter’s occupation, Kim’s parents remain completely supportive of her crime-fighting endeavors so long as she continues to obey curfew , but tend to be more-so concerned about the character’s performance in school, as well as her love life.

Since the launch of their news operations, BuzzFeed and Vice have both devoted a significant proportion of their editorial resources to covering traditional beats such as politics, health, crime, technology, and business. For BuzzFeed, perhaps the two most significant areas of investment have been political and investigative reporting, while for Vice, foreign affairs coverage played a significant role in their early .

Do you watch Whine About It from Buzzfeed? GBCN Whine about it buzzfeed online dating, he had it easier than he lets on In some cases there is no way to tell exactly why or how a decision by an algorithm is reached. Imagine what a state can do with the immense amount of data it has on its citizens. When he attempts to arrest Rivkin for killing the leader of the terrorist cell in Los Angeles and also an ICE agent which Mossad leader Eli David later reveals was an accidenta fight breaks out between the two men which eventually results in Tony being forced to shoot Rivkin in self-defense due to the fact that Rivkin is about to stab Tony with a piece of glass.

I study social movements, so I was studying it, too. We have already turned our world over to machine learning and algorithms. This is just the algorithm figuring out human behavior. Brushing up against contrasting viewpoints challenges us, and if we are able to actively or passively avoid others with different perspectives, it will negatively impact our society.

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Where in the world is BuzzFeed? When BuzzFeed launched BuzzFeed World, an ambitious foreign news vertical, not everyone thought they were up to the task: I asked Elder how she would respond to naysayers like Morozov who, to be fair, has many nays to say. But after over a decade as a foreign correspondent, she found herself increasingly concerned about the status of foreign reporting in the broader journalistic landscape.

Now, having left that title millions of readers better off, the BuzzFeed UK launch editor has been enlisted to do much the same thing for i. In print, i is regarded as a rare modern-day success story.

No problem — just grab your phone, and download one of the many new dating apps for singles in Asia. At first sight, these apps may look a lot like Tinder, the U. But the similarities stop there for Tinder’s homegrown Asian rivals. The entrepreneurs behind these apps say dating in Asia is different — swapping numbers at a bar or hooking up just isn’t common. These apps aim to create a friendly, safe community for users to meet other interesting folk.

Need a buddy in case you want to bail on a bad date? Philippines app Peekawoo will find you a chaperone, or organize a group date. Supervised dating isn’t unusual in this mainly Roman Catholic country. Having a chaperone adds security when meeting for the first time, said founder and CEO Valenice Balace, who has acted as a chaperone. And group dating “keeps the conversation light,” she said. Peekawoo’s group dates can include up to six people, and they’ll even host larger events with “an in-house wing man and wing woman,” whose sole responsibility is to help break the ice.

In the Philippines, people “tend to look for someone to talk to, maybe have a direct connection with, but not really boyfriend-girlfriend right away, because people here [take things] really slow,” Balace said.

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Mar 19, Getty Images Millennials swipe right. That’s how we flirt. It’s the modern-day version of going to the dance, or fighting a duel in their honor, or whacking them over the head and dragging them back to your cave to hang out. Pretty much the second we crawled out of the ocean and sprouted penises and vaginas, we’ve been trying to figure out new ways to meet people who are DTF.

Neither BuzzFeed nor Kingfish Labs would discuss the acquisition terms, but both said the merger was a win for investors. Kingfish Labs raised $, and it shared many of BuzzFeed’s investors.

Iris Leung Blog Editor Piktochart Growth hackers are the unsung heroes behind a wildly successful product. There is a common misconception that growth hacking is only a marketing function and it needs to be debunked. After all, there are many products that have gone from zero to millions of users without putting a dent into the marketing budget. One way to start is to get inspired. And you can see it all on GrowthHackers , a site that has documented the journey of some of the fastest-growing technology companies of all time and compiled them into growth case studies.

Besides catering to a need, what we found the most interesting was how these companies dug into user psychology to learn what makes a person tick, and identified the mechanisms behind what creates addiction in order to pander to it. And we can all stand to get inspired by them. Business Insider Since its early launch, Slack grew from 15, to , daily active users by November of the same year. Slack users were incredibly engaged — sending million messages every month and spending over two hours per day on the app.

How did they do it? While some product teams meander and try to cram as many impressive features in as possible, Slack focused its efforts on only a few features like search, synchronization, and file sharing. It enticed users by using a freemium model to ignite bottom-up word of mouth growth.

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Perhaps there will not be a lapse again for awhile? It was midterms, and I had a friend in town. If you follow my Twitter , LinkedIn or Facebook you probably noticed I was all together silent, and not just not blogging. How is it that when I am the busiest I always find the dumbest things to do on the internet? My poison this year was finding out what kind of potato I am. Ah, yes, the rhetoric of tabbed browsing and the split-screen feature of Windows 7 and up has made me and many a lot more distractable.

Sep 13,  · After its Facebook dating app didn’t pan out, New York’s Kingfish Labs built a data service for optimizing Facebook ads, and now the startup has become content cornucopia Buzzfeed.

Start with a small team creating the viral content BuzzFeed is most known for, then build out a news team. BuzzFeed is opening its Mexico office with a team of six focusing solely on its Buzz i. What makes a market right for you to enter? We look at a couple of different factors. We look at platforms like Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest, and then also general trends in mobile growth — in the use of smartphones — and demographic changes.

We mostly look for growing young populations. Then also on the very specific level, we look for cities that seem right for BuzzFeed. And where we feel that we can can hire good, talented writers to staff those local editions. So Mexico has definitely has been on that list for awhile, and Mexico City fits a lot of those conditions for us. And the list of places we have going forward is similar to that, looking next to launch in Toronto.

Last summer, you announced a number of international editions, and Japan was on that list. Where else should we expect to see BuzzFeed growing? We are looking at Tokyo as a possibility for one our next launches.

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But in several tweets in September , Watkins, while dating Wolfe and working for Politico, seemed to point the finger at attorneys for President Trump over various media disclosures. But the indictment strongly suggests Wolfe was a top source for committee stories and that Watkins was among the reporters who got information from Wolfe.

The indictment said Wolfe, 58, began dating Watkins — who is in her 20’s — in when she was an undergraduate student working as a news intern. The indictment said the pair ended the relationship in December

Oct 01,  · BuzzFeed is following the example of leading technology companies from Google to Facebook which have begun to disclose the racial and gender make-up of their work forces.

Here This information is then shared with two companies: Both, as best we can tell, are testing firms meant to optimize the user experience inside mobile apps. TNW has reached out to Apptimize and Localytics for clarification. Neither were able to comment as of this writing. To then share that data with multiple third-parties without explicitly notifying its users is an egregious breach of trust and privacy.

TNW was unable to reach Grindr for comment. Our goal is and always has been to support the health and safety of our users worldwide. In an effort to clear any misinformation we feel it necessary to state: Grindr has never, nor will we ever sell personally identifiable user information — especially information regarding HIV status or last test date — to third parties or advertisers.

As an industry standard practice, Grindr does work with highly-regarded vendors to test and optimize how we roll out our platform.

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BuzzFeed has a news section and is building a reputation as a journalistic outfit. They also create online entertainment articles and informational articles. BuzzFeed has its articles featured on several top social media platforms including Facebook and Snapchat.

Get to know Buzzfeed, Inc. CEO & other corporate executives. Learn about the Board of Directors, Executive Committees and CEO compensation in this industry.

Analysis BuzzFeed draws million people to its site every month. To the site’s co-founder, Jonah Peretti, that’s small potatoes. When Peretti took the stage at sun-drenched media lovefest SXSW in Austin this week, he pointed to a far more dazzling number: That’s the number of impressions BuzzFeed earns from the powerful social trifecta of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. It’s an appealing pitch: Forget trying to get readers to click away from their addictive social media feeds, where they tend to spend hours.

Leave them there, and bring the news and entertainment to them. Social networks command a readership that doesn’t come cheaply, and revenue-starved media companies need their audiences to justify advertising dollars. Where Facebook sees enlightened self-interest in working together, news publishers may see an existential threat. As a result, media companies who have ridden a wave of free social traffic are going to have to make hard decisions on how much advertising money they’re willing to give up and and how much editorial control goes along with it.

Peretti is hardly the first to notice that social networks drive huge traffic to news stories.

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February 8, Code-Dependent: Pros and Cons of the Algorithm Age Algorithms are aimed at optimizing everything. They can save lives, make things easier and conquer chaos.

BuzzFeed’s international expansions have followed a similar path: Start with a small team creating the viral content BuzzFeed is most known for, then build out a news team. BuzzFeed is opening its Mexico office with a team of six focusing solely on its Buzz (i.e., viral) content. But Scott Lamb.

Just take a look at the returns: With the digital currency floodgates open, early investors are becoming accustomed to four-digit returns. Many of the currencies listed above have already achieved mainstream investors. Many digital currency investors are hunting for the next big altcoin, hoping to find a new Bitcoin for the right price. And the best contender is Ripple. Ripple is not your traditional digital currency.

Today, Ripple is busy revolutionizing the way we transfer money and receive payments. Soon, it will change the way we bank and conduct business around the globe.

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