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She is first seen as a filly in a portrait in Pinkie Pride , before first appearing in person as a grown mare in the season four episode of the same name , and her human counterpart appears in the My Little Pony Equestria Girls franchise; both counterparts also appear in IDW comics. She is called Maud Rock Pie in some merchandise. Contents Development and design With her single eyelash on each eye, Maud shares her eye design with many female Crystal Ponies. Her name is a play on mud pie , a popular dessert that originated in the state of Mississippi. Maud’s cutie mark is a rock cut into a diamond-like shape, closely resembling the shape of Tom the rock. Though usually hidden under her frock, it’s briefly visible when she rescues Pinkie from the boulder in the episode Maud Pie , and is also visible in Hasbro, some Enterplay, and some WeLoveFine merchandise. In the show, it resembles Tom’s usual form, while in merchandise, its shape more closely resembles Rarity ‘s Discord -influenced vision of Tom as a diamond. On December 1, , when asked if “Maud is an Apple too,” Maud’s voice actress Ingrid Nilson stated that “all will be revealed soon.

Dorothea Wierer ist für „spox“ eine der schönsten Olympia-Athletinnen – Bildergalerie

Posted on December 2, by Scott Alexander I. On The Road is a terrible book about terrible people. Jack Kerouac and his terrible friends are brought to the brinks of a lot of things, actually. Enlightenment, revelation, truth, the real meaning of America, the ultimate, the sacred — if it has a brink, they will come to it. Crucially, they never cross that brink or gain any lasting knowledge or satisfaction from the experience.

Sinniges und Unsinniges: Zitate, eine Chronik der dümmsten Gauner und der dämlichsten Gesetze, ein Kalkofe-Construction Kit und weiterer Unsinn – megabyteweise.

His father is of Italian descent, while his mother is Cuban and moved to the U. Michael’s Catholic School, where he participated in a number of extracurricular activities, including being an altar boy and member of the chorus. When he was eight, Cannavale secured the plum role of the lisping boy, Winthrop, in his school’s production of The Music Man , and later played a gangster in Guys and Dolls , which cemented his love for performing. Cannavale’s parents divorced when he was 13 and his mother moved the family to Puerto Rico.

After two years in the American territory, they settled in Margate, Florida. Cannavale returned to New Jersey after barely eking out a high school diploma in the late s from Coconut Creek High School , in order to be closer to New York, to launch his acting career.

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Visit the The Wrenching News Homepage for a list of other wrench auction catalogs and information on future wrench auctions and other events, information on collecting antique wrenches, and a discussion board. Visit the The Wrenching News Store for a large selection of wrenches and related items for sale. Both starting collectors and advanced will find something they need there.

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Coral The Coral label was dark red sometimes reddish brown with silver print. Dearborn The Dearborn label was teal with black print, with a pink band near the edge of the label. The yellow Dearborn logo was at the top. It had a red label with gold print. The label was black with silver print; the 45 label is shown at left. It was founded in New York in as a company focused on stereo.

It did well until , then faded some until , when the original owner, Harry Belock, sold the company to his former accountant Bernard Solomon, completing the deal February 20, Solomon proceeded to sell off all the studio equipment and move the label to Los Angeles. The label at left was the earliest label used in issuing the Little LPs, as it was a leftover label from the time before the sale, when the company was still in Long Island.

Solomon used up the stock of these labels in The label was blue with silver print, with mountains in two small boxes. These Little LPs were stereo, and said so on the cardboard jacket, but not on the label.

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Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingSee our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email It takes a lot to upstage Ian Rush at Anfield, given what he achieved at the club. But it seems his model girlfriend Carol Anthony managed to do exactly that as the couple watched Liverpool thump Roma in the first leg of their Champions League semi-final clash on Tuesday evening.

BT Sport cameras picked the couple out watching the action from up in the stands, as Mohamed Salah ran riot against the Serie A giants. The Egyptian netted twice in the first half as Liverpool took the game to Roma – exactly as they did against Manchester City – before they netted three more after the break. BT Sport Roma were able to bag two away goals however, which will make the away tie more interesting, when the two sides face off again next week.

Rush has been dating Irish model and singer Anthony since Speaking to the Sunday People about their relationship four years ago, Anthony said: My whole family are Liverpool fans. I did once or twice when we first got together but I don’t any more. I’m trying to stop my ageing process but I think Ian.

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There are lots of ways to skin a thunder lizard. That last part is me, not the guy in the suit.

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What does a food recall do? Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. Worst foodborne illness outbreaks The worst food-borne illness outbreaks — The number of salmonella infections linked to cucumbers continues to soar. Four people have died in this year’s ongoing outbreak, according to the Centers for Disease Control, which has reported more than cases. Hide Caption 1 of 20 Photos: Worst foodborne illness outbreaks Tuna — Salmonella in a frozen raw yellowfin tuna product, known as Nakaochi Scrape, sickened people and hospitalized 55 in the spring and summer of Sushi made from frozen raw tuna is linked to 62 cases of Salmonella this year.

Here are some of the biggest foodborne illness outbreaks since Hide Caption 2 of 20 Photos: Worst foodborne illness outbreaks A Consumer Reports team looked for five types of bacteria that have been found on beef, including E. Most packages of ground beef in the grocery store contain at least one type of bacteria that could make you sick, according to their survey.

Hide Caption 3 of 20 Photos:

Nicolas Cage Gives The Performance Of A Lifetime In Bizarre & Bloody ‘Mandy’ [Sundance Review]

The aim of the event is to exchange ideas and find solutions to the common challenges in sustainable urban development faced by Italian cities. This workshop is organised in the context of the Urban Development Network Art. Four plenary sessions are organised during this two-day event.

If it’s late July/early August that means one thing at CdT: time for our annual arbitrary assessment of the top ten U23 players in Roma’s senior team and/or youth system. It’s hard to believe it, but this is the fifth such countdown, dating back to the summer of when we narrowed it down.

After the legendary foundation by Romulus, [23] Rome was ruled for a period of years by a monarchical system, initially with sovereigns of Latin and Sabine origin, later by Etruscan kings. The tradition handed down seven kings: In BC, the Romans expelled the last king from their city and established an oligarchic republic. Rome then began a period characterized by internal struggles between patricians aristocrats and plebeians small landowners , and by constant warfare against the populations of central Italy: Etruscans, Latins, Volsci , Aequi , Marsi.

In the same period, the bankruptcy of the small farmers and the establishment of large slave estates provoked the migration to the city of a large number of people. The continuous warfare made necessary a professional army, which was more loyal to its generals than to the republic. Because of this, in the second half of the second century and during the first century BC there were conflicts both abroad and internally: Also in the image can be seen the Trajan’s Market.

The death of Spartacus.

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